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Floor Mats Scale is a floor mat that is also a scale. Series of coconut floor mats, rubber floor mats and funny floor mats. With the Flow doormat you can create an inviting fireplace. Subtle abstract forms were printed in sage for an unusual pattern that welcomes those who cross it. Select a refined and decorative doormat for your front door: animal shapes for children and more abstract shapes for adults.

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Floor Mats is a floor mat that is also a dial.

Floor Mats is a floor mat that is also a dial. She works like any ordinary bath scales and displays your body mass in kilograms when you walk on her. It is also a great floor mat as it is coated with coir fibre which catches and conceals a vast amount of debris. Its back is made of rubber so that the mat does not move.

You' ll know at last how much your customers weigh: your boyfriends, your mother, your hound, your sexual neighbour, that horny tinsmith, the bouncer, your plump boyfriend, the dictionary salesman, your thin boyfriend, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. Floor mat scales will surely become a constant resource of guarantee enjoyment. It will make you smile and be the ideal pretext to begin a funny talk.

Doormat scales are also a good way to compel you to monitor your body mass on a day-to-day base, as you have to sway every day you walk into or out of the cottage. When it comes to loosing your body mass, the doormat scale is your best friend. Today, the Christmas season is always associated with a variety of culinary events: families lunches, corporate drinks and various parties with different groups of people.

Besides the higher carbohydrate intake (especially in the shape of Christmas desserts), you will also eat more fat and protein from your meats and drink plenty of high-calorie alcohol. That makes it simple to put on extra mass during the Christmas time. Doormat scales are the ideal Christmas present.

It will help you keep this unavoidable increase in your body mass in check. Sure. It is not everyone who will find the doormat range entertaining. Lots of folks consider the whole subject of weighing off limits. You are not feeling well with your body mass and it is more than likely that you will not be too enthusiastic about the doormatbalance.

The doormat scale will help you determine how hard your customers really are. "It became clear to me that influence had become a societal no-no. Nobody speaks about how much we weighed or do not weighed, it is almost like making a lot of cash, nobody speaks about how much we make with it. Floor mat scale is my own little help in solving these two everyday life issues for the First World.

  • Height maximum: 160 kg. Gram 100 - Automatic balance, requires no battery or other electrical energy source. Simply shaking out the mat or use a hoover.

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