Very large door Mats

Large door mats

A unique floor mat for every budget and style. Large, regular and long sizes. Have you a very large BESPOKE size? Durable welcome mats withstand high traffic entrances; Strong.

Take a look at our large selection of floor mats to get the best from unique or individual, handmade pieces from our living and living halls.

Large door mats for selling

Entrance mat with rubber underlay and non-slip back. Large, rubberized, non-slip, washable door mat 90cm x 150cm. 90x150 cm OR 3x5' large entrance mat 90cm x 150cm -- Dirt stopper mat with rubber and non-slip back. Genuine Victorian wrought iron effect on the outside or inside non-slip rubber door mat-120cm x 45cm, 120_x_45_cm.

These mats are made of the best available fine gum for the production of such mats. These mats are very durable and do not curl or crease the sides.

Large entrance mats | mats countrywide

Ideally suited for large entrance areas with large public transport. Equipped with a non-slip, durable vinylic backing and a high grade antistatic PP finish with a distinctive fishbone design developed to aggressive scratch and remove heavier debris and chippings from footwear. Ideally suited for large entrance areas indoors and suited for busy walkways and for immediate shipping.

There are also a number of other items that can be made to order in large dimensions up to 800 cm in length. Below you will find a complete listing of our in-house and outside product lines with hyperlinks to the appropriate pages. Equipped with a non-slip, hard-wearing synthetic backing, which is non-slip and dirt-repellent and stays in place after laying on the ground.

One of the main advantages of buying large door mats is that you can be sure that humans will go over them several places before they go to your ground, thus eliminating additional mud and humidity from your footwear. Large entry mats or large door mats, which can be manufactured individually and made to size fordoors.

A selection of extra large entrance mats or large door mats for outside use, which can be custom made; Free UK shipping on all single and bulk orders.

Large door mat set

With an enormous length of 180cm x 60cm, it is perfect for walking over hinged doorways or as a corridor walker. The large foot mat kit does the trick perfect, looks great and is also very handy. When it is too big for your washer, a carpetshampoo maker is also perfect.

It is very durable and can be easily sprayed to make it look like new.

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