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Carpet Vinyl

The Provincial Lane luxury vinyl is the ultimate product for textile vinyl floors. The LVT is the perfect complement to our modular carpet. Convertible vinyl floor coverings available from Carpet Court Online and Instore

Are there any advantages to the use of vinyl floors? Carpet Court vinyl tile collections are designed to vary from contemporary to classic, with challenging surfaces such as a wide selection of oaken wood, plastered concretes and tile looks that have an stunning optical effect. Progressive stamping technologies provide the realist, structured, eye-catching look, while the glossy, varnished finish supports reality and makes it easy for you to experience the marvelous look of luxurious designers' floors without having to break the bench.

The Carpet Court vinyl record series - what is so unique about it? Vinyl tile product line offers wonderful stonework and wood design for every interior. Exclusively for Carpet Court, this series has been specially developed for our clients. Our goal was to produce a refined, high-quality, naturally tailored collection that would strike a harmonic balance between homey and homey, refreshing and classy.

If you buy your vinyl floor from our vinyl plate collections, you can be sure that you are buying vinyl that provides the ultimate design styling and lasting value. How does the vinyl record line look like? The Carpet Court vinyl tile line is available in modern colors and shades designed to give your room immediate refinement and a feeling of luxuriousness.

Offering a perfectly reproduced replica of original oaken wood, cold concretes and stones for a small part of the original price. Vibrant colors like Orissa and Manuka Oaks and Talo Oaks provide heat, and if you are looking for an inexpensive way to imitate your own wooden floors, this is a great one.

Elegant and vibrant, these colors are effective in predominantly pure interior spaces, and create a feeling of design luxuriousness and refinement. What should I do with a vinyl floor covering? Luxurious vinyl floor coverings are also available, offering a wide choice of wood grains. Just as classy but easier to fit and care for, vinyl tile floors are a permanent, multi-purpose, water repellent and absolutely affordably priced floor covering for busy areas of the home.

Featuring a wide selection of style, it's no wonder that vinyl is experiencing a revival of contemporary appeal and is a big favorite for price-conscious refurbishers. Laying vinyl records is very simple. This is an uncomplicated floor covering system that can be fitted in any room of the building as a DIY product.

When you have kids walking around with bare feet, vinyl floors are the ideal choice as they are both smooth and hot to use. Vinyl floor covering good? The vinyl tile floors are certainly a good choice for many households, especially single-family houses with high frequency areas. Offering the classy good looks of wood, cement and tile for a split second.

Long-lasting, simple to install as aDIY-Project, hygenic, low allergic and very simple to use. Must I stick vinyl foil coverings? Laying vinyl records is a simple DYY job as long as you comply with the laying instructions. Your vinyl film can be bonded to the substrate either with ribbon or with a permanently applied bonding agent.

When you want your vinyl to be a durable surface, it should be stuck to the underfloor, and if you are installing it in damp areas of the house, you should not use a ribbon, you should stick it on. Please always read the instructions before installing a DIY carpet.

Vinyl floor watertight? Contrary to some rigid vinyl floors, vinyl is hydrophobic and can be installed in any room of the home, enabling affordability of refinement and styling in all areas of the home, as well as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

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