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Synergy combines Tessera carpet tiles with Allura Flex vinyl tiles, opening up a whole new world of stunning floor designs. Browse all products, brands and retailers of vinyl carpet tiles: Discover prices, catalogues and new features. Floor vinyl tiles are a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens. B&M offers a wide selection of inexpensive vinyl tiles and bathroom textiles.

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Synergic carpet tiles & vinyl tiles

Perfect for floors in offices! The Tessera & Allura combinationSynergy carpet tiles from Tessera combine with Allura Flex vinyl tiles and presents 3 designer features in 1 series: the linear nature of'Seagrass' in board size, the lively, ultra-high texture'Hybrid' in a large size rectangle and the subtle'Marble' as a traditionally shaped diamond.

These 3 items are each enhanced with Tessera Color from the Tessera clarity series. Synergys provides the many functions needed in all today's office environments. The Tessera carpet tiles are the first choices when it comes to acoustic and walking characteristics. Allura Flex vinyl tiles' care and life characteristics make them perfect for areas where foodstuffs and beverages are occasionally spilled or where there is heavy vehicular use.

All Synergy tiles are simple to install with the same glue and can be used side by side without the need for transitional stripes, extra sections and a cumbersome and costly subfloor construction. Check out the Synergy movie to find out more about the install. Find out more about the combination of Tessera carpet tiles with Allura Flex LVT and how simple they are to install.

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Professionally designed vinyl plank laying, laminated floors and substrate preparations. Selection of a company for recruitment? Review the ABN companies' validities and the licenses they hold. Proceed to the Australian Taxation Office to inspect an ABN. Selection of a company for recruitment? Review the ABN companies' validities and the licenses they hold.

To check an ABN, go to the Australian Taxation Office.

Floor coverings made of vinyl: Luxurious vinyl tile, vinyl plank

Pricing is an estimation only and does not represent an offer from the dealer. Pricing varies between clients due to various items such as choice of products, space/surfaces/specifications, plumbing needs, connections, surface conditioning, refuse, location, accessibility, use, guarantees, alternative backing, trim and extra material, to name a few. In order to obtain a more accurate measurement and quotation, please provide your quotation to meet with your own carpet specialist, as due to variations in reel size, squandering is not covered by the quotation and can only be considered at the point of real quotation.

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