Walk off Floor Mats

Get away from the doormats.

These are the reasons why you need running mats and how they can help you save money. Have a look at our selection of Grippy entrance mats. There is a wide range of recessed mats and inlaid mat products. The recessed mat is "inserted" into the floor and is flush with the surrounding floor. Honing mats consist of several polyethylene films coated with acrylic adhesive that traps particles.

Entry mats | Entry mat systems

From our range of aluminium or high-grade finishes, pick the right industrial matting system. CS standard entry mats are developed to prevent dust and humidity from entering your indoor floor. Pick an optional one or mix one of our entry mats with our other commercially available floor coverings to achieve the right effect - and long life - for your home entry.

Powerful, light-weight slides and aluminium hinged joints provide superior power in high frequency areas. DesignerStep hard-wearing rollers, mats and floor coverings do not curl or bend in busy conditions. It is a system that prevents debris and moisture from entering the building. The most economic entry mats in our range use an integrated system of tiling for extraordinary dust collection.

Cover your entrances: Walk-Off floor mats

If you are trying to determine which kind of mats would be best for your establishment, it is important to know each of the features that they perform. Looking for a mats to protect your entrances and keep your floor tidy? Walk-Off mats could be the ideal choice for you.

Walk-Off mats can be categorised as commercially available mats that remove dusts, grime and grime from the floor of footwear. No matter whether you have a low or high traffic establishment, these mats can be an added advantage to ensuring a cleaner and safer enviroment.

Below you can see how a conventional walk-off floor in your home can change the general well-being of all your clients walking through the door. What makes my institution need one? Conventional walk-off mats can be advantageous to your interior in many ways. That means that without the right mats to catch the dust and humidity from walking into the house, your floor can get soiled, become broken and even cause a possible slipping or falling incident.

These mats can not only help you reduce your cost of maintenance, they can also be used to communicate a news item from a duly administered and maintained institution. It offers your clients the opportunity to clean their legs and get the grip back on the bottom of their footwear on rain and damp weathers.

Doormats can be the simplest way to meet your important needs. Walk-Off mats can be used anywhere in your home where there is pedestrian activity. To define certain areas for the placement of these mats, begin with the entrances.

The placement of these mats inside the entrance areas provides a great area for the customer to get rid of the debris and pollution. The ability to fully spread these mats provides a safer and protected area for staff and clients to experience. Below are two of the major types of Walk-Off floor mats we supply and the functions and advantages they have.

Classical mats are made of two different kinds of fibres: conventional and abrasion resistant. The mats are also easy to use near electronics and can easily supplement the flooring and entrances of your home. Classical solution floor mats are supplied with high speed thread that can withstand squeezing. Interested in the presented Walk-Off mats or any other option we can provide?

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