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Find out more about our commercial walk-off mats & runner products for retail, hospitality, sports, healthcare, corporate environments & more. The Pro Walk Off Entry Mat is a commercial indoor and outdoor mat that is both good looking and robust. Walk-off mats are simple tools designed to help a building or home stay clean and improve indoor air quality.

The CS entrance mats are the gold standard in the entrance area.


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Walk-off mats

Walk-off matting: What are walk-off matting and how do it differ from entry matting? Walk-off mat' is used to describe a whole class of industrial foot matting which either scratches or wipes dirt off the bottoms of footwear. These are most frequently used in front of the entry of a system (wiper mats) or directly in the entry area (wiper mats).

"The " scrapers " treadmills are made of gum, PVC or waterproof Polypropylen and have a finish of knobs, tines or other tooth-like textures that clean the footwear aggressive and remove dirt from them. Carpets are the most commonly used type of "wiping mats" as they absorb humidity and dissolved deposits when entering the entrance area of the installation and into the entrance hall or vestibule area in a natural way.

A general guideline, this paper will help you choose the right walk-off mat for your establishment. Commercially available Walk Off mats: This is a general survey of the most common walk-off commercially available interior and exterior matting. Walk Off rubber mats: Tread rubber pads are perfect for outdoors use.

Front pavements, stair treads and canopies are just a few of the places where these matting systems are most efficient. Environmentally sound walk-off mats: Reducing your CO2 emissions, making LEED credit and promoting awareness with eco-friendly walk-off matting while efficiently managing dust and soiling. Handpicked by our editing staff, these business matting products have deserved their place as favourites among our customers.

Made from a wide range of fabrics, such as carpets and long-lasting PP, they are efficient in their capacity to "wipe" shoe dust and damp. It is therefore advisable to use the following matting directly in the entrance area of your home (although some are also suitable for interior and exterior use).

Prime Carpet Mats: Premier Carpet Mat, our most beloved walk-off mat, features a gum pad that keeps it from slipping throughout the workday. Premium carpet mats are made from high speed yarns processed with Perma-Dye colour dye treatment to avoid colour loss while efficiently capturing large quantities of humidity. The mat is best placed in entrance areas to allow guests' footwear to drip and avoid slipping.

Supreme Berber mat: The Berber Supreme foyer mats are used for foyers and hobbies with high volumes of everyday use. Berber's name has become a synonym for aggressiveness, cleanability and longevity, making this mat a favourite in industrial environments such as hotel, bank and other Class A offices.

The Berber Deco ribbed mat enhances the Berber pattern with horizontally positioned, high-low ridges that aggressive ly clear and capture dirt under the mat tops. Running pads made of gum are often referred to as gum wiping pads because they remove large quantities of dirt from footwear. Each of these pads has a one-of-a-kind top extending finish that removes shoe insoles, similar to a brushing brush.

Wiper Mat: Wiper mats are made entirely of highly resilient nitrile caoutchouc and have a deep structured finish that scatters both humidity and dirt from the insoles of footwear. Designed as a precious complement to the area in front of your home, this special walk-off mat provides a secure, non-slip finish on which your guest can rub their toes.

ECO Mat. squeegee ECO Mat wipers enhance the conventional wiper mat with a 100% recyclable design. Zig Zag mat rubber: The Rubber Pronged mats have tens of millions of vertical elastic "teeth" that aggressive rub the undersides of footwear when visitors enter the mats. The tines are arranged so that dust and deposits can drop under the mat and stay there until the mat is washed.

Where to use Walk Off Blankets? Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA) estimate that more than 60% of germs and deposits are transported into a build on visitors' footwear (i). Walk-off blankets are a cost-effective means of checking these statistics to remove rubble and germs from guests' footwear to avoid it spread throughout the plant.

The use of walk-on matting can also enhance IAQ (indoor ambient temperature quality) by preventing bacterial and sediment controls at the entrance to a unit from propagating on the ground and through the atmosphere. In addition to bacterial and sediment controls, walk-off blankets provide a secure working and visitor area.

If, for example, you place a rubber mats on the outside of an entrance area, staff and visitors have the opportunity to "remove" deposits from their footwear on wet weather conditions. The addition of a Premier carpet mat to the mats on the inside of the entrance area provides a place for the guest to wipe their legs and avoid the accumulation of moisture on the ground.

Do you retrofit your system with commercially available Walk-Off Mat? We will be happy to help you find walk-off mat systems that meet your company's security, sanitation and riskmanagement objectives.

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