Walk off Matt

Get away from Matt.

Entry mats or walking mats or help extend the life of other floor coverings, be it carpets, wood or even ceramic tiles. To prolong the life of your carpet, use Step Repeat. Matt Olson's first career walk-off Home Run has put the A's back in the AL West rankings. An example of this is the attention to detail and craftsmanship that we apply in the manufacture of rubberized running mats. Each individual visitor to a building passes through the entrance.

Schal Hospitality

Designed with a harsh surface that absorbs up to 80 per cent of the floor ing and humidity that is introduced into an environment, the Queen Out Walk-Off range is a great choice for the home. Fixed carpets and tile "wander" and do not bend, which reduces the risks of slipping, stumbling and falling at the door of a home and beyond. Minimising the amount of pollution and humidity that enters the premises prolongs the service lives of indoor floors.

The integration of walk-off carpets into a home reduces indoor pollution and the need for frequent thorough cleansing.


Catches rubble - looks great! The Pro Walk Off Entry is a standard inner and outer rug that is both good looking and robust. You can complement any commercially located buildings or any industry workplace while they hit every day. The luxuriant, solution-dyed rug captures dirt, dusts and humidity beneath the fabric before it reaches your home or work.

High-quality non-woven fabric is ultraviolet light and dirt repellent. In order to accommodate the widest possible space diversity, this rug is available in different dimensions from 02' x 03' default dimensions for a stand-alone entrance to 6' x 20' for large industrial areas. Extremely simple to maintain, just vacuum regularly or use an extracting cleaning agent regularly.

Particularly recommendable for bustling business entrances such as in large premises, long corridors, hotels, service desks in shops, hospital wait areas, restoring points of sales, supermarkets or workstations.

Walk-off mats

Floor and entry panels provide protection from humidity and debris that gets onto people's footwear from the outside. Many different kinds of floor and individual floor mat are available, each suitable for a specific location or area. Bonding pads can be used in transition areas where occupants move from a potentially filthy part of a structure or construction site to a clean work area.

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