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Mats Waterhog

Waterhog Floor Mats are one of the best known and most widely used entrance mats in the industry. Waterhog's collection includes classics, fashion, premier, elite and eco! >Waterhog Classical Mats >Waterhog Classical Mats >Waterhog Classical Mats >Waterhog Classical Mats >Waterhog Classical Mats >Waterhog Classical Mats >Waterhog Classical Mats >Waterhog Classical Mats >Waterhog Classical Mats >Waterhog Classical Mats >Waterhog Classical Mats >Waterhog Classical Mats >/a>

At Waterhog, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the most complete range of high grade Waterhog mats available: The Waterhog Classic mats, Waterhog Fashion mats, Waterhog Premier mats, Waterhog Grand Premier mats, Waterhog Masterpiece Select mats, Waterhog Diamond Cord mats, Waterhog floor mats tiles, Waterhog Custom Logo mats, Waterhog Eco Recycled Entrance mats and Waterhog Premier Roll Matting.

Thank you for giving us the chance to help you with all your doormat requirements. For immediate help, please consult one of our specialist matting team. Our Waterhog mats are, as always, harsh, robust and durable! Individual Doormats are personalised entry mats and individual doormats that show your company name, your company name or any other graphics to enhance your company's image and enhance your visibility.

The Waterhog Autofoot Mats provide the same robust strength as the Waterhog entry mats, but feature a general purpose fitting to embrace the floors of your cars, trucks, vans or SUVs. The Waterhog mats have a 5 year guarantee. The surface is spot -, fading and mould proof, whereby a hard-wearing full elastic underlay covers the ground.

Front and back mats are available. Green entry mats are made from recyclable material entry mats and self-supporting ecological material entry mats. Doormats of both kinds still have the same commercially viable qualities and finish. The Waterhog floor tiles come in a wide range of styles and two thicknesses to help absorb practically any recess.

This floor tile removes dust, deposits and humidity efficiently and at the same time helps to maintain indoor air quality and cleanness. The Waterhog stair steps scratch footwear with dust and humidity while offering a non-slip finish on a stair. The Waterhog profiles work well inside and outside. The Waterhog steps are stain, fade and mould-proof.

The Waterhog range of mat accessories includes additional Waterhog line accessories that help keep these mats in place and keep the walking paths secure. Waterhog related flagship Waterhog range completes the range.

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