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Individual Waterhog mats are manufactured using a unique inlay process, in which different pieces of material are cut by hand and assembled like a puzzle. The Anderson Waterhog RugsClassic Entrance Mat Anderson Mat Andersen's Waterhog Classic Mat is designed for most indoor and outdoor applications. Floors were always damp and carpets were always dirty. The Waterhog windmill mats are Waterhog mats from Waterhog Floor Mats. Waterhog mats, our best-selling mats, keep your entrances clean, safe and attractive.

The Waterhog Mat

Buying can be mixed with several items to get to $99.00, but must be done at the same order. Parcels with a weight of over 150 pounds and/or over 108" length and/or over 165" combination sizes (LXBXH) must be sent with a carrier. For orders under $99.99, a freight charge of $14.95 applies.

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Individual Waterhog matting is produced using a special insertion technique in which different parts of the matting are cut by hand-and assembled like a jigsaw work. A choice of 18 colours antistatic PP fabrics are available for your specific designs. The number of colours used in a given theme is not limited.

Default pricing allows up to 30 letter design etc. Individual carpet design with 30 or more lettering, character or piece will be invoiced at extra cost. The Waterhog mat is ideally suited for interior and exterior use. The Waterhog mat is ideally suited for banking, facility control, sport venues, airport and anywhere within walking distance.

Waterhog Exterior Matting is available in up to 18 colours per pad on a durable elastic backing that is designed to lie flush and not tear or contract. The Waterhog Exterior Blankets are made of 100% ultraviolet poly propylene fabrics that do not shade in the light and hold up to 1.5 gal of moisture per sqm.

Just suck, sweep, steam-dry, suck, purge or blow off the Waterhog mats.

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The Waterhog Classic mats from Andersen are suitable for most indoor and outdoor use. Waterhog Classic's distinctive styling makes it rugged enough to withstand any industry or home enviroment. Strengthened forehead knobs and weapon styling ensure a pressure-resistant wiping effect. An elevated elastic ring on the "water dam" catches mud and moisture and keeps them away from carpets and flooring.

The exclusive "water dam" allows the Waterhog to absorb up to 1 gallon of moisture per sq. metre ; moisture and debris remain on the mats.

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