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The bamboo door mat is a natural and stylish accessory for your home. It is an important security measure that is necessary for any house or office building. Gummiteppichböden and Vinylböden: no agreement in the sky. Industrial anti-fatigue mat for home, office and kitchen. This guide will help you find the right thing for your home.

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Amazon's choice for "waterproof floor mat" materials: polyester fiber (on the surface) with TPR rubber (on the back), no odour non-toxic. Antislip rubber floor placed on top of natural stone, timber, laminate or other floor coverings, never slipping, folding or bending. This microfibre made of Flanell is sleek, supple, super waterproof and anti-fouling.

Highly impermeable fabrics do not infiltrate, just leave your drink or drink on the floor, simply mopping it up, keeping it waterproof, air permeable, keeping the stove cool, protecting your floor. TPR's perfectly non-slip TPR pad keeps the pad in place and does not ripple. Dirt repellent, can be wiped off with a moist towel or cleaned with a dust cleaner. Cart is empty.

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Marvelous appearance | Printed logo mats

Ordered four foyermats with our own logotype. Mandy assisted us in deciding on the design of the logos and the appropriate color for our heavily loaded areas. While I was amazed at the choice of items on her website, I was most amazed by the level of support, thanks Mandy. Amazing top of the line delivery that has had a big influence on the entry to our new Courage Gym.

Extraordinary Mandy services with alternative colour guides to suit your needs. Thank you Mandy for being great to work with you and see you at our next outreach. A very personal welcome and the mats look great and came promptly. Thanks, Mandy. Amazing work. After 12 month of use both inside and out, the mats still look great, and the prices are still great.

Many thanks to you mats suppliers for your great products and your outstanding support.

Small Wiwa | Small Wiwa

Modern, slim and smooth design (which is definitely not a feast for the eyes) to preserve the aesthetic beauty of your home, secure for your boys as they move into the leaking and masticating phase. Just sweep off when there' s a leak of water, slobber or even diapers - and let's face it, we were all there!

Now we can supply international! We' ve been working for some time to get the best possible prices for delivery to some destinations, and you can now buy directly from the website!

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