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Tell us your industry and brand values and we'll do the rest. Our logo design software lets you create, modify and save as many logos as you want. The Atlanta-based team of designers creates individual works of art that make a mark. We also have hundreds of free fonts to help you complete the picture. We'll have a learning-based system approach the matter and find out.

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Are you setting up your own company? Re-branding your company? Either company needs a refreshing look that begins with your logo. Their logo should represent your trademark and we are the professionals who can record this in the design. We are known for giving big and small names a new beginning through flawless design.

When you want to smooth a way in your business, Black Bear is the tools you can't do without! Everyone can design a logo, but what sets us apart is our quest for sophistication. Our aim is to achieve excellence in every facet of your design, whether it be to capture the essence of your trademark, make a sustainable impression on your public or just create a nice, professionally designed logo.

That'?s what happens when you have an AI design your logo.

Jack Qiao, the designer, has been working with AI a lot lately to support his design work. Previously he developed a font pairing support utility, and now he's introduced Brandmark, which uses artifical intelligentsia to build a uniquely branded corporate image for your company. We are not the way to take man at his word, so we have tried Brandmark to redesign the TNW logo to see if it really is everything.

This works by recognizing a symbol, a type face couple, and a colour setting on the basis of the keys you type to determine what your trademark is about. The results can be seen above; below are some other choices as well as some models of the logo in action: This I showed to our design boss Alexander Griffioen.

He stands behind our trademark and website design; we redesigned our logo last year and you can find out all about the thought and processes here. Whilst a smart technique is definitely at work in the search for an image pertinent to the name of the firm, the issue is whether the image itself - often used for societal avatars, favicons, etc. - is not too general and iconic for some kind of badge.

But it' s still a good thing to remember what futurologist Ben Hammersley said at TNW 2017: "Any kind of crap innovations today could get you out of business in 10 years. It is not a poor brainchild for a designer to find out what kind of risk and opportunity AI offers their sector. For my part, I think that Qiao's primary goal is to use AI skillfully to support its design services.

However, if you're serious about building a strong corporate image, you'll want to work in close collaboration with a design professional to convey what your company is all about and come up with something that's appropriate for your line of work and that will help you differentiate yourself from the game. Aware of this, Qiao explains in his blogs how the AI works to refuse frequently used symbols, couple scripts, and create colour schemes:

In the end, logo design is a very personal area, where nuances and a love of detail are important. Folding neuro networks will probably not substitute designer in the near term, but will open the doors to new design tooling that can democratise the design processes and make them available to all.

Will you use a logo created by the brand for your work?

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