Weather Liner car Mats

Car Floor Mats Weather Liner

WeatherTech and Husky Liners are some of the leading companies in the industry. Expand your car or truck with Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac accessories, including floor coverings and mats. Sludge, mud and spills are no comparison to our all-weather floor mats and liners. The advantages of carpet coverings. An excellent all-weather mat for pick-up vehicles, SUV's and vans.

Doormats & Carpets for the BMW X3

Colour: Black (as shown in the pictures). Colour: Black (As shown in the pictures). Please note: The actual colour of the article may differ slightly from the images shown on the website due to many reasons such as the luminosity of your screen and the amount of illumination. Because of the irregular surfaces of these panels, they can accommodate a wider frequency response and absorption of noise, and the thinner the panels, the more effectively they will accommodate lower frequency sounds.

Easily cleaned with a damp towel or discard the whole covering in the washer. Unparalleled non-slip foam pad for high temperatures and anchor bolts keep the covers in place.

All-weather Husky Liner Floor Mats

The Husky Liners all-weather mat is covered by a full service guarantee. The Husky Liners warrants to the initial buyer of Husky Liners product that under regular use they will not crack or rupture during the service lifecycle of the automotive in/on which they are used. Only if the initial buyer is the owner of the car, this guarantee does not cover Husky Liners product that has been taken out of the genuine car in which it was used.

The guarantee is valid only for parts properly mounted in/on the car for which they were made. The Husky LinersĀ® warranties cover any part during the guarantee term that is found to be faulty in materials and/or workmanship due to standard assembly, use, servicing or upkeep. This is the manufacturer's only explicit guarantee and is valid for the term of this guarantee.

EACH IMPLIED GUARANTEE OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS RESTRICTED TO THE DURATION OF THAT GUARANTEE. IN ADDITION, THE COATING OF HUSKY LINER SPARE PARTS AND THE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF VEHICLE COMPONENTS AS WELL AS ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE IS RULED OUT. Damage to the products resulting from fraud, use, negligence, accidents, incorrect assembly, or use in contravention of our stated warranties will not be covered under this guarantee.

working and working does not fall under this guarantee. If your Husky Liner is chewing, it is not guaranteed. If you close your Husky Liner in the car interior doors, liner and/or car interior damages are not protected either. Daily, daily traces of use on a particular item are deemed common and are not guaranteed.

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