Weclome door Mat

Woeclome Door Mat

Jack, on the other hand, has put his new house in order, but is angry about his new doormat, which says "Weclome" instead of "Welcome". Fun outdoor floor mat made of natural lime Welcome mat Anti-slip veranda. Do you want something different than the traditional door mat, you have come to the right place! We also have animal print mats. WELKLOME as in the Still Game WELCOME Doormat DOOR MAT.

Woeclome Doormat Made in the UK Like Still Game

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Faimly Still Game Wiki

Winston goes to the Metzger. Winston is advised to come early by the friend of Peggy's friend, the slaughter. Meanwhile, Isa has cleaned Victor's home to prepare for a trip by his John the son and his ancestor. John is skeptical, because John has abandoned Victor several time in the past.

Jack, on the other side, has put his new home in order, but is angry about his new floor mat which says "Weclome" instead of "Welcome". Jack was at Victor's home, while Victor receives an voicemail note from his John boy. On the other side, the arrivals hour is covered by the honking of a train beep.

When Winston gets up early, he reaches the meat locker when he opens up. Unfortunately, Peggy is also there during opening hours. While Winston provokes Peggy to a battle, Peggy finally falls on Winston and breaks her arms because of her heavyness. to Shug, who was a communication officer throughout the world.

Shug, with his exceptional ear, is able to see everything in the distance except the period covered by the train's beep. Sug says he'll take a look at the engine and he'll do his best. Finally Shug finds out that the arrivals are at 2:30 in the afternoons.

Both Jack and Victor decided to remain to drive to Glasgow Central Station and await 2.30 pm. In the meantime, Winston is trapped in a clinic with no visitor. At the end, Jack and Victor sleep at 2:30 and awake at 4:00. They' re going home to find Winston and Isa.

While Winston is angry with Jack and Victor because they haven't visited him, they tell the story, so Winston forgave them. Winston has Jack complaining to Winston about his floor mat, so Winston gives him a new one that says: "Home Sweat Home" After the end credits, Jack and Victor Shug banter about purchasing a piece of inexpensive toast.

SunBlest " and offends her.

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