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Find out more about our range of high-quality and durable door mats at reasonable prices. Greet guests and visitors at home with style with this collection of door mats. Give every room in your home charm by choosing this inexpensive rubber calendar style Welcome Door mat. Make a characteristic welcome note in front of your front door with an elegantly monogrammed accent carpet. Still today you can find great offers for floor mats at Kohl's!

Floor mats | Temple & Webster

Make the right first impact with a Temple & Webster styled floor mats. The mats and carpets are a great complement to any room. Door mats are available in a variety of different fabrics, among them fiber, gum, plastic and metals. Select a nature fiber blanket in immaculate designs such as coconut fiber and cotton fiber or a floor blanket made of black steel outdoors.

Select from a large selection of floor mats to match any home at Temple & Webster. Decide on a sturdy, round matt or select a floor matt with a geometrical pattern. Floor mats are also available in a number of useful styling options, which include trunk liners and wipers as well as fitted mats. Are you looking on-line for the ideal mats?

No matter whether you are looking for a rug mats, interior mats or colorful new product mats, Temple & Webster has all your corridor and entrance needs catered for. The Temple & Webster home supply services are available throughout Australia, and include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Hobart. There is also a 30-day unquestionable returns policy to help you find the look that's right for your home.


Door mats are durable and help keep your flooring and carpeting longer-lasting. Manufactured from durable fibers and an elastic nap, our line of interior door mats help keep footwear and boot footwear free of debris and slime and help keep the remainder of the walk area in your home stain-free.

Available in a variety of entrance size options to suit your home, they are made of polyamide, coconut fibre, gum and other long-lasting fabrics. Inspect the KÖGE Braun and Schwarz KÖGE polyamide and elastic mats, which are intended for use in the general area. Door mats are engineered with the most resistant and long-lasting material, but are also simple.

The KÖGE and BORRIS styles have either natural or synthetic material underneath so that they do not slip on the ground under your feet. The mats are also really simple to wash; a short shaking process to the outside or a fast vacuum cleaning removes dusts and soiling.

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