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With these three wise owls at your doorstep, a wonderful welcome house awaits you. It is available in two designs that are offered in our market: "Bless your home" or "Welcome". The Paige Hemmis shows you how you can make your home more inviting with this DIY. The Council is exhibiting a welcome mat for the Everybody's Home campaign. WILLKOMMEN MATTIAL ARTS ACADEMY.

Are you considering refurbishing your home, constructing a new one or reducing it to a small one?

Are you considering refurbishing your home, constructing a new one or reducing it to a small one? Innovations include the Smart Toilet, the Sweepovac, a new laundry dryer system and the Point Pod, a fold-out socket that can be concealed in your wooden or brick slab.

More than 250 companies will also be exhibiting, among them Timber Transitions Bush Huts and Titans Bush Huts and Titans Small Houses. Everything, even the sinks, is included, with a large number of professionals available to help with your queries, give advice and communicate the latest developments. Guests can take part in a 20-minute counselling session with HIA specialists from the fields of cooking and bathing, home architecture, architectural planning and refurbishment to find out the answers to the really interesting question.

There will also be a range of workshops on construction, renovation and decoration, with the first planned for 10am in the morning. Matt Manalis of Digital Residences will host the first workshop, which will focus on the sustainability of houses using intelligent technologies. Peter Latemore from Latemore Design, who passes on his advice before construction or renovation, follows him.

Further issues that will be dealt with in the morning are the purchase of an asset real estate and the smarthomes of the prospective. Saturday will see workshops on themes ranging from the transformation of cuisine to Queensland's south-eastern markets, held by Jon Rivera of Urbane Home. The design of your "big, eternal home" and the first house buyer will be the subject of two of four workshops planned for Sunday.

The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre will open its gates from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the morning, Saturday and Sunday.

Taste this: Refresh your welcome mat

There is nothing that says welcome home like a home-made welcome mat! Over the years we have produced many different types of carpets, but I am pleased to inform you that this is our simplest and most long-lasting one. When I found this structured ceiling at Target, I chose to use veranda painting instead of spraying it.

Here is how:To color my structured open-air carpet, I used veranda-lacquer. It'?s the same one I used to decorate my terrace tile with. Every rubber colour is sufficient, but the terrace colour is particularly long-lasting. Using a posterboard to make a template for the characters I wanted to draw, I then used touch screen as a template for my drawing because it's tacky and better kept in place.

With a small, rough paintbrush several layers were applied to achieve an even paintcoat.

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