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The architect explained the advantages and uses of carpet flooring. In 1999 Cecilia Kugler of CK Design International began using interface carpet tile and has been using it ever since to achieve successful results. "I' ll always be choosing carpet tile and, by the way, the same make of carpet tile that is too broad for my educational project because they are so much more flexible," Kugler said.

Continue reading for Kugler's insight and tips on where to place carpet flooring in general. The Gordon Library by CK Design with interface carpetile. This is Cecilia Kugler. Carpet floor tiling is simpler to use from the start; it is packaged flush in cartons and transported lightly on palettes; the palettes are suitable for lifts; they are lighter to transport and have a predominantly less than 1 sqm area.

Wall-to-wall carpet can also be laid remotely, which is important for companies like Kugler's, whose work involves renovating library facilities with tens of millions of books and shelving that are almost unfeasible to transport. The Gordon Library integrates different colors and texts into the carpet tile to emphasize changes in room and furnishings.

This is Cecilia Kugler. "Much of why I chose carpet tiling is the way it can be used in a pictorial hierarchy," says Kugler. As Kugler points out, in places such as a public building where different departments provide very different kinds of activity, the boundaries in color and pattern of the carpet flooring may be sufficient to subtly persuade a individual to alter their perception of the room and act accordingly.

At the same time, carpet tile offers flexible options for layouts and renovations, as you can raise and lower tile wherever it is suitable without having to lay an entire surface like broadband. A further advantage of carpet tile is that, unlike broadband, it can be laid effortlessly in a fraction of a turn, mainly because of its large area.

Sometimes long running times of carpeting can mean lumping and movement of the base. The CK Design team has taken care of this problem and selected carpet flooring for the Katoomba Library collection. In Kugler's view, carpet tile performs better than carpet in durability than carpet, especially in areas with high pedestrian activity and in the case of library areas where large trolleys are used.

Wherever a tile needs to be repaired or repaired, it can be torn and repaired on site without having to cover the whole surface; a great advantage for rooms with several colors and designs. This is Cecilia Kugler. Carpet tile is easy to remove and easy to change, so repairs and renovations do not require the pain of tearing and moving the whole surface.

Wherever spare tile is required, such as in water-damaged or deteriorated areas, the tile is easily raised and exchanged without the need for a specialist. Recognising that carpet is not suitable for every use, Kugler proposes that "generally" carpet is more costly than carpet.

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