Winter car Carpet

carpets for winter

Traced in mud and snow, your carpets can look terrible. This winter my factory carpet mats were beaten and covered with salt. Four-piece car carpet set. Default size for most vehicles, including cars, trucks and vans. When you drive in a cold climate, you will most likely get white spots on the carpet of your car from road salt.

Car and Truck Rover Floor Mats and Carpets

This is the ultimative accessories for the Rover 75 owners. Hooded sweater with zipper and drawstring and two bags. The front features a Rover "75" Monogramm, the back the Rover Viking Long-Ship-Logo. Rover Range Sport uses OEM boot lining rubbers. Light scrapes, but hard to see as it is a blanket.

For 2014-16 this is Range Rover Sport.

Heavy duty Michelin winter carpet mat set - Black

Default sizes for most types of vehicle, up to and personal transport. Long-lasting and simple to wash - just wash off with plenty of fresh air and sap. In all weathers with extremely seasonal elastic cushions - catches mud, dirt and salts. The high-quality spot protector makes it simple to wash and makes the soft carpet look like new.

Carpet washing and cushion washing are more convenient than you think.

Carpet floor carpet cleaner and upholsterer cleaner service is more convenient than you think. All of us are busy doing regular car washes, but how often do we take the trouble to wash or care for the interiors and padding? Cleansing the inside of your car can be time-consuming and without special items, which is often a frustration.

In the case of cushions or interiors that are heavily stained or soiled, suction alone is not enough to correctly eliminate dust and germs. Periodic treatment by a specialist such as Myer carpet cleaner can help make sure that the inside of your car will feel cleaner, fresher and free of unattractive spots and dots.

Everyday signs of use, kids, domestic animals and unintentional burials can all take a toll on your car's interiors and padding. All our car interiors and cushions can be customized to your requirements, and our detergents use only non-toxic detergents to help maintain the well-being of your pet and your loved ones.

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