Winter Entry Mats

Admission mats for winter

Delivery, assembly, disassembly and storage of commercial entrance mats and winter carpets in Montreal. Also we offer customized logo mats. Entry mats protect the floor from scratches and other wear and tear caused by external dirt and chippings entering the visitors' shoes. Affordable entrance door mats, buy quality door mat directly from China door mats outdoor suppliers:

Entry mats are crucial for safety in winter.

Every year around 2.8 million senior citizens are admitted to hospital for accidental falls, a large proportion of whom take place during the freezing, winter heat. When you have older people in your lifetime, you know how concerned they can be about slip-and-fall incidents. Mats are one of the best ways to prevent them from this risk.

A puddle at the front door is a great danger of sliding, especially for elderly people who can quickly become unbalanced. Entry mats help to avoid slippery falls by taking up splash fluid that will melt from your boots after you have been out in the snow und ice. Good for your feet. Lay mats both inside and outside each doorway and output to your home.

Place an entry mats at your front door that uses a three-level defensive system: Make sure that the undersides of the mats hold the ground securely so that the mats do not move or skid and present a new danger of slipping. Using carpeting strip if necessary, keep the edge of the pad level with the ground.

Make sure that the mats take up enough room. Matting that is too small or not absorptive enough can "leak" and cause puddles to form. When entering the house, make sure that the first two steps are taken on two consecutive mats. It is not only the area directly inside and outside your front door that holds the hazard potentials.

Throughout the winter, the whole way from the entrance to the entrance can be dangerous. Below are some hints on how to make these routes as safer as possible and avoid incidents while your family and friends are out and about: The winter climate is particularly demanding for older people, who suffer more slipping incidents in winter than in any other season.

The implementation of a suitable matting policy, improving the security of catwalks that lead to your mats and sharing the above advice will significantly lower the accident likelihood.

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