Wipe your Paws Doormat

And wipe your paws off the doormat.

With the charming Cat Wipe Your Paws Door Mat from Nature by Geo Crafts, you can prevent dirt and debris from entering your home in style. Mop your paws Doormat | Dog Doormat | Custom Doormat | Doormat with paw print | Cat Doormat | Individual Doormat, Doormat for animal lovers, Gift for pets. Add a colourful touch to your door with this modern HomeTrax Wipe Your Paws doormat. With a vibrant pet-inspired design to enchant your guests, it is. No matter how much you love your dog, it is undeniable that your partner's paws can pollute the house a little.

Floor mat Wipe your paws - Sirocco Style

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Mop your paws off the coconut floor mat

The hand-woven 100% coconut mat is thick and luxury. The coconut mats are thick and made of coconut fibre with outstanding scrape-resistance. Robust, long-lasting and well manufactured, these design floor mats give your door the ultimate decorative note while being extremely convenient. Deeply penetrating into the coconut fibers, the dyestuff ensures a long-lasting finishing and years of use.

Dimensions: 75 cm long, 45 cm broad, 4 cm low. *In order to guarantee the best possible service and lasting appearance of your doormat, please make sure it does not get too damp, allow it to quickly drip after wetting, and be careful that cat and bird scratches can cause damaging and excess hair loss.

Mop your paws off the doormat

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