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The Hycraft carpets are high quality wool carpets for your home. Attractive and natural floor coverings in a variety of carpet types and colours. Woollen Carpets Modern Wool Carpets Wool Carpets Wool Carpets Organic Carpets Range Carpets Wool Floor Coverings Modern Home Decoration Soft Wool Carpets Carpets Carpets Neuhaus Gift Carpets. High-quality luxury wool carpets for connoisseurs: Carpets made of pure wool and wool blends are made of blends of different types of wool.

Woollen fibre carpets - Discover the many advantages for your home

Woollen rugs are so much more than just a visible luxury carpet finish. 100% virgin, naturally grown wool will remain the favourite material for many consumers when choosing a floor covering as it is durable and stylish. The luxury wool carpet has proven itself for generation.

Which advantages does a wool fiber carpet have? In the same way that we decide on a cuddly woollen sweater to keep us warmer on a cool night, the woollen carpet is a great isolator for your home, which helps to reduce these electricity costs to a bare minimum. What's more, it's a great way to keep you cool on a cool night. Wax films on sheep's wool reject humidity, making the wool carpet ideally suited for single-family houses where dirt is unavoidable.

In addition to the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities of wool, the wool's inherent naturally occurring fats prevent the statics and development of moulds and powdery mildew. Therefore, the wool is also suitable for the treatment of skin diseases such as skin ailments and aging. Wool carpet is a sustainable raw material, ecologically sound and also a naturally occurring flameproof. Is wool fiber carpet permanent? A number of different influences influence the shelf life of a wool fiber carpet.

This thin, wax-like layer, which occurs inherently in sheep's wool, provides protection against staining, so that dirt remains on the fabric for some considerable amount of still life instead of leaking between the fibers. Since a wool carpet is easily cleaned, it is less likely that difficult to move spots will appear which will affect the look of the carpet.

However, a well-designed, high-quality wool carpet is based not only on the inherent thickness of sheep's wool for its durability, but also on a carpet pole design that makes it harder for debris and spots to infiltrate. In particular, this applies to a sling pole design. Woollen rugs produced with a structured sling pole have good hydrophobic characteristics and at the same time offer advantages in compressive strenght.

Even chopped floral wool rugs can be good in this respect, as these rugs do not leave a footprint or indentation without further ado and look fantastic for many years. Is wool carpet made from virgin fibre? This carpet fibre is made from 100% sheep's wool, which has many nice characteristics such as heat, smoothness and crumple strength as well as spot and humidity repellency.

How is wool carpet perfect for all climate zones? The wool contains naturally occurring anti-bacterial and anti-microbial characteristics as well as fat acid which inhibits the development of moulds and powdery mildew. Therefore, the wool is also resistant to the effects of the sun. Thus the wool carpet is not only an excellent carpet for colder climate zones, but also a good choice for use in wet or moist climate zones.

Woollen is a naturally occurring fire resistant agent, making it safe to use in single-family houses in extreme warm and cool climate zones. What is the best way to maintain wool rugs? Keeping your wool carpet fresh longer by sucking it off every week. The treatment of wool rugs with a thorough vapour cleaning process carried out at least once a year also increases their durability.

Vapour scrubbing gets into the carpet fibers and removes debris, germs and other toxic substances that cannot be cleaned with a periodic cleaner to make your carpet look like new. Superimposed carpet on lighter carpet can also help minimize bleaching and pedestrian abrasion in crowded areas such as corridors and homes.

Putting a carpet outside the house will also help prevent your rugs from absorbing grime and spills. Contacting your local Carpet Court Retailer today for a free in-home promotion and quote.

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