Woven Carpet

Weaved carpet

In our Carpets category you will find ads for woven carpets. Woollen carpet bedroom carpets woven carpets organic wool range carpets hand woven wool range carpets wool carpets wool carpets home living wool carpet living room carpets gift for mom. The Carpet Concept combines traditional weaving craftsmanship with the implementation of new technologies and the stylish and innovative Eco carpet collection. Rugs. v.

Flatwoven Rugs. Threshold Woven Rug is a beautiful mix of shades that will flow into almost any decor and you'll see different colours emerge and come alive.

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Our rugs offer acoustical and thermic characteristics for comfort and style. Pick a woolen or woolen mix carpet to give a distinctive luxury look and feel, or opt for our broad selection of synthetics to fit every budget without compromise to either fabric finish or style. Pick from a variety of colors and lifestyles to inspire visual instruction.

You can use brightly textured rugs to inspire your creative spirit, or more subtile shades for specific areas of use. Carpet modules can be used to set different teaching areas within a room. We have a tailor-made, gifted staff of fabric stylists who can help you realise your visions and build unforgettable, individual environments. One way or another, we will design extraordinary, bespoke rugs while saving your precious hours and fulfilling your budget goals.

Design and create offices and choose colors that fit or enhance your branding. Our wide range of products allows you to use colorful rugs with strong designs to make the floors a highlight, or choose subdued shades that compliment other characteristics. Occupied areas require a long-lasting, dependable carpet.

Our wide range of profiles allows you to use colorful rugs with strong designs to make the carpet a special characteristic, or choose subdued shades that compliment other characteristics or highlight items. Buzzing retailer floors require a long-lasting, dependable carpet. Every single one of the OECD certified investment grade investment grade investment grade investment grade investment grade products has a Commercial Extra Heavy + Stairs rating and meets all fire indices and VOC conformity requirements of the BCA.

Please feel free to ask our commercial department for further information. Application.

Individually woven carpet

Our Feltex Woven brands manufactured Texminster rugs are made from a high quality mix of high quality wool. The Feltex Woven carpet series will give every design an impressing note by the combination of tradition and modernity. Feltex Woven provides a wide variety of woven rugs for use in professional and private settings, from modern design that brings a space to live to ancient pattern that adds charme to the old earth's charms.

If you want an unique look, our expert designers can work with you to develop an unique look. With our in-house creative staff, we continually source inspirations, new color schemes, texts and designs and monitor the latest global designs.

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