Recessed Mats

Our recessed matting has been selected especially to accommodate various well thicknesses and will absorb large amounts of dirt and water while allowing the top surface to look neat and stylish.

Coco Mats

Cocoa mats are not recommended for outdoor use unless in a covered entrance way. Colors are vegetable dyed and prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause fading.

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Koko Mats

Koko mats provide attractiveness and superior brush action of a coir without shedding. Koko mats are resistant to stains, UV light and mildew for year round protection.

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Linear Modular Mats

Drain through matting with aggressive carpet strips to clean and dry footwear. 1/2″ thick, snaps together, is easy to assemble and install.

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Aluminum Hinged Mats

Aluminum hinged mats feature patented, high-impact vinyl/acrylic tread rails combined with aluminum hinge connectors as the basic mat assembly. There are a variety of ways to customize your aluminum hinged mat.

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Aluminum Grid Mats

When looking for an entry door mat choose An Aluminum Grid Mat. Its aluminum construction is lightweight yet durable for heavy-use entry door ways. An Aluminum Grid Mat can be installed in a recessed area or surface mounted for versatility.

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Whisper Tread Mats

Whisper Tread Mats feature strong, light-weight vinyl/acrylic tread rails. The vinyl rails provide super quiet performance. The Whisper Tread mat is the most economical roll-up mat available.

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